1. Tengo Chikungunya y odio todo

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  3. One of those mornings when you realize how many things one song can evoke and that its been too long since you last heard it.

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    "You don’t want to be trapped inside with me sunshine"

    Bronson (2008) | Nicolas Winding Refn

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  7. The character of One Eye went into Driver then went into the Thai police lieutenant. They’re the same character played by three different actors. It’s a mythological creature that has a mysterious past but cannot relate to reality because he’s heightened and he’s pure fetish

    - Nicolas Winding Refn 

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  8. Dr. Gregory House: No cure then. Pros are you might delay the onset of symptoms, give her a year maybe three. She’s still dead before you’re 45. The question is: are those few years worth risking the rest of your life in medicine?

    Dr. Eric Foreman: [Foreman thinks for a moment] No.

    Dr. Gregory House: There, wasn’t so hard was it?

    Dr. Eric Foreman: Thank you.

    Dr. Gregory House: You’re welcome.

    [Foreman starts to leave]

    Dr. Gregory House: Unless you love her.

    [Foreman stops and turns around]

    Dr. Gregory House: If you love her, you do stupid things.

    do stupid things
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    i wish i could respond to problems in this fashion

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